Collaborative Law

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a voluntary dispute resolution process in which parties settle without resorting to litigation. The heart of Collaborative Practice or Collaborative Divorce (also called “no-court divorce,” “divorce with dignity,” “peaceful divorce”) is to offer you and your spouse or partner the support, protection, and guidance of your own lawyers without going to court. Additionally, Collaborative Divorce allows you the benefit of child and financial specialists, divorce coaches and other professionals all working together on your team.

At the Family Law Cooperative, our Collaborative Practice is as follows:

1. The parties sign a collaborative participation agreement describing the nature and scope of the matter;

2. The parties voluntarily disclose all information which is relevant and
material to the matter that must be decided;

3. The parties agree to use good faith efforts in their negotiations to reach
a mutually acceptable settlement;

4. Each party must be represented by a lawyer whose representation
terminates upon the undertaking of any contested court proceeding;

5. The parties may engage mental health and financial professionals
whose engagement terminates upon the undertaking of any contested
court proceeding; and

6. The parties may jointly engage other experts as needed.

Divorce is a sensitive personal matter. No single approach is right for everyone. Many couples find the Collaborative Practice as a welcome alternative to the often destructive, expensive and uncomfortable aspects of conventional divorce. At the Family Law Cooperative we work with our clients to achieve their goals in the most cost effective manner. If you:

Want to maintain the tone of respect, even when you disagree with your spouse;
Want to prioritize the needs of your children;
Have needs and those of your spouse that require equal consideration, and you will listen objectively;
Believe that working creatively and cooperatively solves issues;
Believe it is important to reach beyond today’s frustration and pain to plan for the future;
Can behave ethically toward your spouse; and
Want to maintain control of the divorce process with your spouse, and not relegate it to the courts.
If you believe your marriage has broken down or if you are in another relationship that you want to terminate, you should consider using the Collaborative Divorce to address the issues that you will need to resolve. Talk to us; we are here to help. The Collaborative Divorce is about cooperation, not confrontation.

Call the Family Law Cooperative today at (954) 367-5471 or email us at today to schedule an appointment in our Hollywood office. Our Collaborative Practice is likely to be a workable option for you.