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animmated family together 6-23-15


Georgette & I have never worked together this well. We enjoy each other’s company. We sometimes host each other for a holiday meal. Then we’ll play a game with kids, like a card game or a party game like Taboo. The kids like it and so do we.

Thank God we’ve come this far. This is the way the divorce should have been from the start. Better late than never. I tell you all this (again) for a few reasons:
I know that hearing it — even though you’ve heard it before — will make you smile
The first day of healing began in your office. It was a long trip after that. But the first step of the journey began with you
You can tell other people who are up to their necks in misery and anger that it is possible to turn things around. Georgette & I are living proof. And I’m willing to talk with anyone you send to me.


The names have been changed for confidentiality reasons.

A post-divorce commentary!