The most creative solutions to the stressful decision to divorce often come from evaluating different approaches and paths to resolution. The Family Law Cooperative was formed to offer our clients an opportunity to avoid the high cost of litigation–emotionally and financially. At Family Law Cooperative, we offer you mediation services and the Collaborative divorce process as an alternative to litigation. We can help you dissolve your marriage, negotiate child support, divide assets and liabilities, create a timeshare/parenting plan and address issues of alimony in a productive, cost effective approach. We can also work with you on pre and post-nuptial agreements, document preparation and other matters associated with dissolving relationships, or preparing for an upcoming marriage.

Rebecca H. Fischer is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator. She is also a certified Collaborative Family Law practitioners. Our goal is to assist you all matters relating to your marriage in a peaceful and productive manner and to help you stay out of court. If a legal concern matters to you, we focus our energy and time helping you find the best possible strategies for addressing your issues.

Please call our Hollywood office at (954) 367-5471 or email us at info@famlawcoop.com. We look forward to working with you!